What Our Clients Are Saying

Here are a few of the many testimonials we have received. The proof is in the pudding!

“We referred a home buyer to Blair, when one week before closing, they had the unfortunate incident of an old credit problem being reported, and their credit score dropped below the number needed for their loan program. During the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Blair was able to bring their score comfortably above the minimum they needed, thereby saving the transaction and allowing them to achieve their dream of home ownership.”….more on Linkedin Review

Chris Highland, Realtor – MA, August 18, via Linkdedin

We would like to give you a HUGE thanks, Leonard purchased a new Ford Edge and he got 4.65% interest vs. the 21% we were paying. We could have never done this without you. This is the first brand new vehicle we have ever purchased. I know that when you are done with my credit it will be pristine. Thanks a million

Shelly B. – TX, August 10, via email

Boggs update: We are finally approved! Clear to close with underwriting, **** Thanks for your HELP!! Thank you, thank you thank you ———————- Now WAITING on seller and title company to start their process over again..”

Respectfully, Monica L. – Mortgage Banker

“Thanks for helping out my brother-n-law. When he told me about his mounting debt and credit problems you were the first thing that came to mind. You had helped us improve our credit when we thought we couldn’t be helped. I sure was glad to find (you) so easily after all these years.

S. Mitchell, Fort Worth, Tx

Hi Blair, just a quick note to say thanks on behalf of my wife (well, me, too) ! Even though we didn’t end up buying the house we originally wanted due to other complications, my wife is so relieved to not have to worry about her credit getting in the way as we look for another one. I’ll call you when we do. Oh, and I gave your name to my boss. Let me know if he calls you. Again, thanks!

Alex W. – Arlington, TX  February 12, via email

…….How wonderful it is to finally get all those dinky medical bills off my credit report. I don’t know how you did it, but that alone must have contributed to at least half of the 113 points my score has jumped in the last few months.”

Ms. Garrett — Dallas, TX   March 19, via email

My First Choice! I checked out many companies before choosing Upgrade My Credit to handle the restoration of my messed up credit. They were professional, courteous, truthful (they didn’t make exaggerated claims), and most of all they have helped me increase my score by nearly 80 points in a fairly short time. They know what they are doing. I am going to stick it out with them through their whole program.”

July 2, MojoPages Review

My experience with Upgrade My Credit was nothing but good. In fact, I sent my sister to them after I had been using their service a few months. The people are real, and easy to talk to. They did more than they promised, by raising my score 109 points in 4 months. I especially liked their weekly updates. Now my husband and I can buy a home. Thanks guys.

Sept 17, Judysbook.com review

Great service. Under promised and over performed……..I suggest Upgrade My Credit whole-heartedly. I was able to buy a house with an FHA loan because Upgrade My Credit got my score above qualifying minimum in less than 4 months!”

Alan M.– Yahoo Review

Upgrade My Credit keeps their promises to help improve your credit. I have sent several friends to Upgrade My Credit, and they have thanked me over and over. I can’t help mentioning how pleased I am.

Rebekah H. – Kennedale, TX

Thanks to Upgrade My Credit I am alive! When I pulled my credit and came up as deceased on two of the bureaus I thought I might have been a victim of identity theft or something that was going to cause me a lot of trouble. Thanks to you guys it was not, and it was taken care of in just 19 days. I know have over 700 credit scores on all three bureaus, but most importantly, I am no longer “deceased”!

Jessica S. – Arlington, TX via email

Hi, Blair. I got back the results of your work today. Everything is deleted! This is great news. Should I tell my banker he can check my credit again, or will you do that? Also, is it best to fax or scan and email the results to you? Thanks for the hard work.

Terry S. – Grapevine, TX via email

Dear Kim, you guys are great! We did it! The last of the updates came in today. I am so happy. Thanks! Let this be the official invitation to our future house warming. It will probably not be until this summer with school coming to an end and all, but I will let you know when we move in. Please tell Blair a big thank you for me.

Jenny P. – April 4, 2011 Fort Worth, TX via email

Hey Blair– yes, miss talking to you and you do have stellar svc. A LO told me the other day what my credit scores are and that he can see activity that you ARE workin on it !!!!! WHAT A BLESSING UR.

Jaffee B. – April 26, 2011 Arlington, TX via Linkedin

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