How to Get Your Credit Reports

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Your step-by-step guide to pulling your credit reports at

1. When you get to the home page click the Protect Yourself >> button. If you are a returning customer click Member Login

2. The next page is pretty self-explanatory. Fill out the information requested, including your payment info. As they advertise, it is only $1.00 for the first 14 days. ONLY if you want to keep monitoring monthly updates and improvements to your credit reports and scores do you need to continue with the $19.99/month monitoring. We recommend this, but it is not necessary. If you want to cancel before the 14 days is up, just call 800-374-8273 as stated on the webpage. Note, you will only be charged $1.00 today. A debit card works, too. Please write down the login information you create: the username, password, and last four digits of your SS#. We will need that to login and review your reports.

3. After you fill out this page and press Yes, Sign Me Up!, an account will be created.

4. Answer the 4 security questions that come off of your credit reports and only you should know the answers to, and Submit.

5. Next you will get a welcome page with Thank you,[your name] and show your account number and username, and a place to click See Scores Now!. Clicking it will take you to the next page where you will see your scores and start the process of pulling your credit.

6. Finally, Look to the right of the current webpage and click on Credit Reports
to get all three reports.
7. Congratulations! Your reports and scores should be available. Just navigate around and pay most attention to the Personal Profile and Account History sections. If you want to print them out, don’t print the whole report, it will have a lot junk pages. You only need to click the Account History tab and print that (page) section only. You can also save as a .pdf

NOTE: Please make sure and record your username, password, and send to us with the last 4 digits of your social security number so that we can go in and review your reports.

* is one of our favorite sites for obtaining all 3 credit reports and scores. Only $1 for the first 14 days. $19.99 for monthly monitoring. Click to Tweet
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P.S. There is another site we recommend called where you get your reports and FICO scores for only $1 as well, but the trial period is just 7 days, and the monthly monitoring is $29.95 per month. Either place works for our purposes!

Hope this helps. If you have any problems or questions feel free to contact us anytime.

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